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Makers Community

The Countryside Restoration Trust


The Countryside Restoration Trust was established in 1993 by the Chairman, Robin Page and the late artist and conservationist, Gordon Beningfield. Launched in response to growing fears about intensive and industrialised farming, the CRT initially aimed to purchase land which had been intensively farmed, in order to restore it to a living countryside, rather than a lifeless food factory. As the CRT has grown its aims have broadened to encompass purchasing farmland and woodland where traditional farming methods, wildlife habitat and biodiversity are under threat.

 Pierrepoint Farm

Pierrepont Farm is located off The Reeds Road, Frensham GU10 3BP, between the Frensham Garden Centre and the Rural Life Centre and Bodkin’s is proudly part of the new makers community that resides here. Located in the most idyllic setting, it is worth a visit not only for the farm but the brewery and local walks. The Pierrepoint Farm Development Project was headed up by the Countryside Restoration Trust and focused on the conversion of redundant farm buildings to create a mix of food, office studio and craft units. The farmland and farm buildings were generously made over to the Trust by a Deed of Gift from Jo Baker in 2006. 

Jersey Cows

Pierrepont Farm has 130 Jersey cows who produce the most wonderful fresh milk. The farm has a modern dairy, with fully automated milking machines, that allow the cows to come in to be milked whenever they choose 24 hours a day.

Peter Quarmby’s Wooden Chairs

"I make Windsor Chairs which have an open, relaxed style and attractive shape. The Double-bow chairs may be used as dining chairs, with a desk, or as occasional chairs. The chairs provide a comfortable seating position, and also hold the back nicely. The whole chair is hand-carved, but the spindles and bow in particular tend to look slightly different from chair to chair, adding to their character."

Peter sources most of the wood used to make the chairs locally. Most of the wood comes from Hardwick Estate, near Mapledurham.Peter also makes bowls, platters, trays and other turned objects.


Cheese On the Wey

John lives in Farnham and although his background is in construction, he has always had a passion for cheese. After attending a cheese making course, he had the idea to turn his passion into a business. The majority of the milk will be sourced direct from Pierrepont Farm, less than 100 yards from the door. 

 Frensham Brewery

"November 2018 and a new chapter for the brewery begins with me, Joe, the new owner. I love my beer... it started with home brewing when I was 15, a Boots Kit, brewed for my sisters birthday party. It was... cloudy, fizzy, alcoholic and I learnt that cloudy beer tastes good and I have been brewing ever since."

"Looking to the future I'll continue to run the regular music and curry events and promote the use of the Taproom. I'll expand the number of beers, move into small batch cider making and look at bottling. Above all I’ll enjoy working in the fantastic environment that is the community at the Pierrepont Farm."



We also have a Jewellery maker and some fantastic Artists but sadly we keep missing each other (so look out for part 2 of our makers community blog)!


We have been at the unit for about 5 months now and loving it!


Look out for our next open day!

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