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Could eating fermented food help the health system?

Antibiotics are the cornerstone of modern medicine. Before the discovery of antibiotics, everyday infections could prove deadly, and the immunocompromised were at constant risk. The presence of antibiotics in medical interventions throughout the world is a boon to humanity and has greatly advanced human health and wellbeing. But their use is not without implications. The most pressing is in terms of antibiotic resistance.

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Examining the link between fermented products and healthier-looking skin

  As most people will know after having eaten a greasy takeaway, what we consume can affect how we look. Whilst the appearance of our skin is affected by a multitude of factors beyond diet, such as exposure to UV light, our genetics, and whether we smoke, our food choices nevertheless remain influential. And though it is important to remain sceptical about hyperbolic claims touting the newest skin-enhancing superfood, there are steps we can take to incorporate skin-friendly foods into our diets.

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Getting the most out of the food we eat: Why fermented vegetables are a great way to boost the nutritional value of a vegan or vegetarian meal.

  Just eating food doesn’t automatically mean all its inherent nutritional value is absorbed and used to assist in normal body function. Different proportions of the nutrients we consume will actually get absorbed into the body.  People looking to  maximise their nutritional uptake should consider regular consumption of Bodkin’s fermented cabbage because of its natural mineral benefits. 

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The link between the Gut and The Heart

Think your gut health only affects your immune system? Turns out it has a large impact on cardiovascular health, too. New research has found some cardiac conditions can be linked to our gut microbiome. And new studies continue to find that having a healthy gut can help lead to a healthy heart.  Artery hardening The idea that a healthy gut microbiome can impact cardiovascular health is nothing new, but a recent study is the first to link poor gut diversity to arterial hardening in women. Artery hardening happens at different rates as we age. It’s a well-known risk for cardiovascular disease. The researchers at the University of Nottingham and King’s College London published their study findings about gut health and...

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