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Getting in a pickle over the difference between pickles and fabulous ferments?

Pickling is a catch all term for foods preserved in acid or brine. Although fermentation might be considered a type of pickling it actually describes a natural chemical reaction. Fermentation is distinct from standard pickling because it produces good bacteria. Good bacteria helps digest your food and fight bad bacteria and toxins. A layer of good bacteria protects the gut wall and is the body’s first line of defence against infections and disease. Both pickles and fermented vegetables have a sour, tangy taste so it’s easy to see how they are confused. However, they are worlds apart when it comes to health benefits. Fermented vegetables contain lots of good bacteria whereas pickles preserved in brine or vinegar don’t.  Good bacteria...

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Helping Rosacea with good bacteria and good gut health

When I hit my forties, I started to suffer from a skin condition call Rosacea. Before forty my skin had always been pretty good and even as a teenager, I had not suffered badly with skin issues. But as soon as I hit forty, I had the double whammy of wrinkles and Rosacea flare-ups. Rosacea is a skin condition which causes redness, pus filled pimples, swelling and small dilated blood vessels. There were definite triggers for my Rosacea; too much sugar, alcohol and almonds and it always arrived on one side of my face. It was something I tried to manage. Cutting back on sugar and alcohol certainly helped and not being too greedy with nuts. But there was always...

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All that’s Sauerkraut is not Probiotic Rich

The name Sauerkraut is borrowed from German and literally means ‘sour cabbage’. Most sour, tangy, pickled tasting cabbage products seem to be described as Sauerkraut irrespective of the way they were produced. Sauerkraut is used indiscriminately to describe cabbage that has been steeped in ascorbic acid or vinegar or has been pasteurised or is actually naturally fermented and unpasteurised. This can lead to a lot of confusion about the nutritional benefits of Sauerkraut products. The original Sauerkraut, that’s been made for millennia, is naturally fermented and unpasteurised. It is produced by adding a little salt to the raw vegetables which are then left in an air tight container to ferment. The fermentation process allows the good bacteria to thrive. The...

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